50 Target Sporting night shoot

AA grade

1st:Rob Collins, 44/50

2nd:Carl Freiberg, 43/50

3rd:James Thomas, 42/50

B Grade

1st:Joe Mandic, 39/50

2nd: Matt Pattern, 35/50

3rd:Marcus Horsfall, 34/50


1st:Kylie Hamilton, 26/50

2nd:Melissa Foot, 13/50

3rd:Lisa Hutchins, 5/50

A Grade

1st:James Venturini, 41/50

2nd:Trev Hammond, 38/50

3rd:Mark D’alia, 36/50

C Grade

1st:Ryan Baggin, 39/50

2nd:Lachlan Cross, 32/50

3rd:Luke McFarlain, 29/50


1st:Zach Rossetto, 34/50

2nd:Zack John, 21/50

3rd: Charlie Mandic, 15/50


40 Target Norm Quick Perpetual Handicap


1st: Graham Beckworth (C15M) 38/40 (6/6 Shoot off)

2nd:Philip Thursfield (C15M) 38/40 (5/6 Shoot off)

3rd: Andrew Ferrari (AA22M) 37/40 (2/2 Shoot off)

4th:Stephen McNab (B17M) 37/40 (1/2 Shoot off)

5th: Rachel Wiggins (B16M) 36/40 (8/9 Shoot Off)

50 Target double barrel

AA grade

1st:Daniel Cleary, 49/50

2nd:Hecta Crawford, 49/50

B Grade

1st:Kevin Taylor, 47/50 (3/3 Shoot off)

2nd: Peter Mills, 47/50 (2/3 Shoot off)

A Grade

1st:Steven Howlett, 50/50

2nd:Lucky Phil Lancaster, 49/50

C Grade

1st:Graeme Boyd, 48/50

2nd:Summer John, 45/50


50 Target S/B, 50 Target Points Score

18 Shooters

Single Barrel

AA grade

1st:Tiny Loveridge, 42/50

2nd:Gavin Boyd, 42/50

B Grade

1st:Kevin Archibald, 39/50

2nd:Tony Gregory, 36/50

A Grade

1st:Andrew Papasavva, 48/50

2nd:Craig Barnes, 43/50

C Grade

1st: Zachary Rossetto, 42/50

2nd:Summer John, 41/50


50 Target S/B, 50 Target Points Score

18 Shooters

50 Targets Points Score

AA grade

1st:Gavin Boyd, 143/150

2nd:Tiny Loveridge, 133/150

B Grade

1st:Tony Gregory, 142/150

2nd:Kevin Archibald, 135/150

A Grade

1st:Andrew Papasavva, 141/150

2nd:Daniel Grujica, 138/150

C Grade

1st:Zachary Rossetto, 143/150

2nd:Harry Johnston, 130/150


50Target continental, 25 Ball Trap, 25 UT

31 Shooters

Event 1:Continental


Mick peck, 50/50

AA grade

1st:Hecta Crawford, 49/50

2nd:Daniel Cleary, 48/50

B Grade

1st:Stephen Swain, 46/50 (2/2 Shoot off)

2nd:Sheridan Morley, 46/50 (1/1 Shoot off)

A Grade

1st:Raymond Collins, 48/50 (11/11 Shoot off)

2nd:Daniel Hookem, 48/50 (10/11 Shoot off)

C Grade

1st: Graeme Boyd, 45/50

2nd:Patrick Siciliano, 44/50


Event 2:Ball Trap

AA grade

1st:Daniel Cleary, 46/50

2nd:Greg Hunt, 41/50

B Grade

1st:Daniel Grujica, 36/50

2nd:Daniel Hookem, 33/50

A Grade

1st:Mark Coleman, 44/50

2nd:Rob Williams, 36/50

C Grade

1st:Graeme Boyd, 38/50

2nd:Dennis Comelli, 37/50

2nd: Marcus Horsfall, 37/50


100tgt Medley, 25db, 25 sb, 25pts, 25 cont

31 Shooters

AA grade

1st: Greg Hunt, 143/150

2nd: Gavin Boyd, 138/150

B Grade

1st: Neil Bakker, 139/150

2nd: Dennis Comelli, 136/150

3rd:Lewis Chapman, 134/150

A Grade

1st: Craig Barnes, 141/150

2nd: Daniel Rosetto, 139/150

3rd: Daniel Hookem, 137/150

C Grade

1st: Paul Azzopardi, 131/150

2nd: Zachary Rosetto, 130/150 ( Shoot off 43/50)

3rd: Rodney Richards, 130/150 (Shoot off 37/50)

Saturdays comp

46 shooters came down to the past members memorial shoot, the sun was shinning with windy conditions.

100 target medley (50 Target double barrel & 50 Target points score)

Overall, Daniel Cleary, 189/200

AA grade

1st: Mark colman, 234/240

2nd: Daniel Saliba, 232/240

3rd: Cranky Mcall, 214/220

B Grade

1st:Andrew Papasavva, 195/200

2nd:Steven Fox, 186/200

3rd: Jen Crabbe, 185/200

A Grade

1st:Shayne Whelan, 196/200

2nd:Gavin Boyd, 195/200

3rd:Damien Milhusen, 194/200

C Grade

1st: John Robinson, 177/200

2nd:Russell Burnett, 174/200

3rd: Graem Boyd, 171/200


51 Shooters competed for the Bronze Wing Championship Medley
Weather was breezy but fine

O/All C Mc Dougal 154/160
AA D Cleary 153/160 M Coleman 151/160 B Freiberg 150/160
A D Comelli 148/160 Tiny 183/105 S Whelan 180/205B
B G Sparey 146/160 J Crabbe 177/205 M Venturini 170/205
C D Grutica 129/160 D Bull 125/160 H Johnston 124/160


29pr Double Rise
AA P Drennan 34/40
A M Rocca 31/40
B J Crabbe 24/40
C S Wheelan 32/40
20pr Deauville Doubles
1st Hecta/G Boyd 46/46
2nd P Drennan 45/46
30tgt Triples
1st M Peck/ P Drennan 95/96 2nd Hecta/G Boyd 94/96


Good weather. A clear night and light breeze greeted the contest the last night shoot for 2019.

AA S Spencer 43/50 J Mc Coll 42/50 M Venturini 40/50
A R Bulloch 38/50 G Van Stenis 38/50 T Austin 34/50
B A Zoric 39/50 Chris K 37/50 J Gaetner 35/50
C B Bell 37/50 F Gerimi a 36/50 A Schloss 34/
50 Ladies S McColl 2/50 S Lou 20/50 R Webster 18/50
Juniors M James 46/50 R Lee 39/50 C Freiberg 34/50
80 shooters that arrived to
Overall 2019 scores (Best 4 scores from 6)
AA G Boyd 177/200 A M D’Alia 168/200 B S Franscis 163/200 C Bell 160/200
Ladies R Webster 92/200 Juniors C Freiberg
Upgrades for 2020 Sam Franscis (A Grade) & Daniel BeII (B Grade) Good shooting fellas
Winner of the gun raffle Jason Barclay


Departed Members Memorial Championship

28 shooters battled it out in adverse conditions. Rain, sunshine, wind and thunder in five hours.

Can’t beat Melbourne for weather. You want a change, just wait a few minutes
Results 100 tgt Medley
AA C Carrol 191/200 T Kupsch 251/200 D Saliba 250/260
A & O/All T Loveridge 197/200 P Lancaster 186/200 S Morley 176/200
B J Crabbe (L) 184/200 T Zuccett 219/200 S Francis 218/229
C C Ashton (NowB) 187/200 S Whelan 220/240 C Rogers 217/240


65 Shooter arrived to contest the 50tgt Night Simulated event

The weather was clear and cold.

AA & O/All G Boyd 44/50 B Dargue 45/60 R Hendrrikson 44/60
A :   A Sattosanki 42/50 M D’Alia 38/50 T Austin 37/50
B :  J Gaetner 38/52 S Francis 37/52 D Cleary 32/50
C :  “Tiny” Loveridge 36/50 E Lambros 35/50 D Aniful 32/50
Juniors M James 44/50 R Lee 42/50 C Freiberg 30/50
Ladies Sneo – Sky 24/50 R Webster 23/50 T Hammond 21/50


32 Shooters contested the 2019 Champion of champions from 18 metres.

Weather was overcast with light wind.

AA & O/All “Hecta” Crawford 118/125 W Woodward `117/125 A Galea 113/125
A :  “Tiny” Loveridge 133/150 M Rocca 129/125 M Peck 109/125
B :   O Zielezna (J) 103/125 B Barlow 101/125 J C rabbe (L) 97/125
C :  S Whelan 100/125 A Ramuz 98/125 G Boyd 95/25


42 shooters attended the Peter Noy Memorial on June 29th

Condition was extreme. Wind, rain and targets flying wild due to conditions.

Peter Noy 100tgt Double Barrel Memorial
AA and O/All A Brady 99/100 D Saliba 98/100 H Stafford 97/100
A N Bakker 94/100 L Cazally 106/117 P Lancaster 105/117
B J Crabbe (L) 90/100 S Franscis 92/104 S Podd 92/104
C B Papargiris 92/100 Wheran 91/100 D Bennet (J) 89/100


80 shooters attended the June 28th Night sporting

Conditions were fine and mild.

AA G Boyd 45/50 C Paton 49/58 B Doughty 48/58
A B Freiberg 42150 C Freiberg (J) 51/62 D Hookem 51/62
B M D’Alia 42/50 S Franscis 41/50 A Broad 37/50
C A Sottosanti 37 /50 F Digiagminco 32/50 M Hemstead 31/50
Ladies E Lewis 28/50 McColl 27/50 R Webster 26/50 Juniors S Dixon 22/50


69 Shooters attended the SSAA Night Sporting on Friday 24th-05-2019

Weather was a cold night and some showers

AA C Paton 4U5A A Opie 4916A G Boyd 48160
A J Venturtri 42/52 T Kupsch 41152 M Little 38150 B D Hooken37/SA D Guerin 36150 R Bulman 3415A C S Franscis 34/50 Bell 33150 P Melim 3215A
Ladies R Webster 25150 Sivo- Ski Luv 15i50 S Dixon 9150
Juniors C Frieberg 38/50 R Lee 30/50 T Opie zlfiA


47 shooters attended the 40tgt Norm Quick Perpetual Handicap on Saturday 18-05-2019

Weather was perfect. No wind

Norm Quick Perpetual Handicap
Chris Ashton 40140 Ben Reed 39AA Cameron Trevitt 49/51
Daniel Grujica 48/51 Daniel Benett (Jnr) 46/49
50tgI Double Barrell
AA Daniel Cleary 50150 Bill Woodward 75175
A Ben Reed 50/50 Lance Cazaly 53154 B Adam Russell 47/5A Jen Crabbe (Lady) 45/50
C Daniel Bennett (Jnr) 47150 Rachel Wiggins (Lady) 45150


6 Shooter attended the first Night Sporting for 2019

Weather was wet and windy

50tgt Night Sporting

AA S Spencer 44/50 G Boyd 42/50 J McColl 41/50

A G Van Stenis 41/50 S Schmitter 38/50 B Freiberg 36/50

B M D’ Alia 37/50 S Jarvis 31/50 R Lewis 31/50

C J Gatner 37/50 D Bell 34/50 E Wright 31/50

Juniors C Freibewrg 44/50 M Lewis 36/50 R Lee 31/50

Ladies K Moat 24/50 S McColl 24/50 S Chaplin 20/50


39 shooters attend a testing program on Saturday April 20th

Weather was perfect.

50tgt Continental D/Barrell

AA B Freiberg 74/75 D Cleary 73/75

A L Mirrabella 73/75 T Zucchet 49/51

B B Barlow 48/50 P Azzopardi 45/50

C B Paparciris 48/50 H Johnston 42/50

25pr D/Rise

AA G Boyd 45/50 C Galea 44/50

A M Ziclezana 42/50 L Mirrabella 36/50

B N Judd 34/50 Wombat 33/50

C Papaciris 37/50 H Johnston 35/50


35 Shooters took part in the competition on Saturday 16th March under good weather conditions and light breeze.

50tgt Double Barrell

AA C Carrol 52/52 C Freiberg 51/52

A T Loveridge 49/50 N Bakker 54/56

B S House 48/50 A Russell 47/50

C C Ashton 45/50 A Zoric 43/50

50tgt Points

AA K Calder 146/150 A F errari 143/150

A D Rossetto 146/150 T Loveridge 142/150

B A Russell 145/150 S House 142/150

C C Ashton 135/150 B Papargiris 132/150


42 shooters shot good scores in perfect weather conditions.

AA R Williams 144/150 C Freiberg 166/175 P Mills 165/175

A N Bakker 142/150 T Loveridge 141/150 Peter Mac. 140/140

B N Quick 118/150

C A Bradshaw 125/150 Wombat 124 /150 P Azzopardi 123/150


74 Shooters attend the Christmas Shoot Program

Weather was mainly fine with light rain towards the finish of the days program
A BBQ dinner was enjoyed by the shooters and their families after the shoot.

30tgt Double Barrrell

AA D Cleary 44/44 A Ferrari 43/44 G Boyd 44/45

A B Freiberg 39/39 D Comelli 38/39 T Loveridge 37/38

B J Taylor 30/30 H Turner 29/30 N Quick 28/30

C A Bradshaw 29/30 M Venturini 29/31 M Lewis 28/31

30tgt Points

AA M James 108/108 T Kupsch 107/108 Hecta 99/102

A T Loveridge 120/120 D Comelli 119/120 A Galea 106/108

B P Mac 89/90 J Taylor 88/90 C Paton 83/90

C Wombat 83/90 M Lewis 84/93 I Sim 81/93

15tgt Sporting

AA M James 15/15 D Cleary 13/15 G Boyd 21/25

A T Loveridge 20/25 R Collins 30/45 L Cazaly 29/45

B C Paton 13/15 N Boniface 9/15 P Mac 8/15

C J Venturini 13/15 M Venturini 12/15 R Lewis 11/15


19 Shooters shot at a good fun program.

Weather fine and mild. Light breeze.
10pr Double Rise

AA M James (Jnr) 25/30

A C Freiberg 21/32

B N Quick 11/20

C L Bradshaw 11/20

20pr Deauville Doubles. Drawn Partners

1st M James (Jnr)/S King 19/20 2nd Cranky/T Kupsch 27/30

30tgt Triples.

1st A Ferrari/L Bradshaw 83/90 2nd F Freiberg/N Quick 88/86 3rd Cranky/T Kupsch 87/96

Nepean 29-9-2018

78 Shooters shot in light showers and light wind

Final Night shoot 2018. We resume in April 2019
SSAA 50tgt Night Sporting
Results after shoot off

AA C Paton 43/50 S Spencer 43/50 T Hammond 43/50

A C Branca 43/50 J McColl 42/50 M Hammond 40/50

B D Branca 36/50 M Horsfall 35/50 M Patten 35/50

C Wombat 36/50 Lambros 35/50 D Cimino 34/50

Ladies K Vincent 25/50 S McColl 23/50 E Lewis 22/50

Juniors R Paton 37/50 A Bradshaw 34/50 M James 33/50

Neil Bakker Annual Overall C Paton 175/200 Ladies S McColl 95/200 Juniors M James 171/200

Nepean 15-9-2018

38 Shooters Weather was a fine day with light winds

50tgt Double Barrell + 50tgt Points

AA M James (Jnr) 198/200 G Boyd 194/200 Hecta Crawford/D Saliba 193/200 Split

A N Bakker 187/200 Rob Collins 182/200 C Freiberg 180/200

B Peter Mac 190/200 S King 189/200 A Galea 184/200

C C Wydoon 194/200 A Zoric 192/200 A Robinson 167/200

Nepean 24 August Club

50tgt SSAA Night Sporting

62 Shooters with clear night and no wind

AA C Paton 43/50 T Hammond 38/50 G Boyd 36/50

A R Collins 45/50 (Now AA) J McColl 41/50 J Venturini 38/50

B S King 44/50 (Now A ) M Hammond 43/50 M Pattern 41/50

C P Melia 35/50 S Lambros 31/52 J Gaftner 30/52

Ladies S McColl 24/50 R Webster 19/52 K Vincent 18/52

Juniors M James 42/50 C Freiberg 30/50 M Lewis 26/50

Nepean 18 August Club

South East Zone Team Shoot

Weather better than expected. Rained at the shoot off.
98 Shooters 25tgt Handicap
A Thomas 31/31 P Abarci 30/31 McMillan 25/26
Back Marker N McDonnell 34/35
Junior B/Marker
T Tait 24/26
25tgt Double Barrell

Overall T Malone 154/154

AA G Hunt 153/`54 N McDonnell 140/141

A D Allen 65/66 D Cunningham 51/52

B B Melbourne 46/47 R Collins 40/41

C M Zielezna 35/36 A Parfitt 29/32

Overall High Gun P Abarci 50/50

ladies High Gun B Melbourne 47/50 Junior High Gun D Suckling 39/50

Junior team Werribee Ducklings G Pistoni 92/100

Winning Team MCC A Fiek,T Preston,N McDonnell, K Coogan, D Scightano 238/250

Nepean 21 July 2018 Club

57 shooters. Fine day

Mornington/Nepean Interclub Series Competition
Mornington winners by 76 targets.
50tgt Double Barrell

AA: A Fiek 69/69 A Ferreri 68/69

A: M Horsfall 50/50 D McGregor 104/105

B: A Kent 50/50 J Taylor 49/50

C: D Shale 47/50 M Zielezna 46/50

25tgt Handicap

M James (jnr) 50/50 A Kupsch 30/31 P Mac 29/31 D Cross 28/30 A Galea 27/30

SSAA Night Sporting

67shooters. Fine clear night

AA: C Paton 44/50 S Spencer 42/50 B Doughty 40/50

A: R Collins 41/50 N Bakker 40/50 R Bullock 38/50

B: A Gregory 39/50 M D’Alia 39/50 M Patten 38/50

C: L Bradshaw 32/50 C Ashton 29/50 Jamie 27/50

Ladies S McColl 23/50 K Vincent 21/50 R Wedster 20/50

Junior M James 43/50 C Freiberg 39/50 C Masters 35/50

Friday 22th June 2018

50tgt SSAA Sporting

57 Shooters in cold conditions

AA C Paton 40/50 S Spencer 39/50 B Doughty 37/50

A N Bakker 39/50 R Lee 38/50 G Van Steenis 36/50

B R Collins 37/50 S King 38/50 D Guerin 37/52

C M King 38/50 G Turner 31/50 D Lambos 29/50

Ladies N Cicchiello 20/50 K Vincent 16/50 C Skinner 16/50

Junior & Overall M James 43/50 C Masters 32/50 C Freiberg 29/50

Saturday 16th June 2018

100tgt Peter Noy Memorial Shoot

35 Shooters in testing conditions

AA & Overall D Cleary 100/100 Cranky 99/100 W Woodward 99/100

A R Bullock 98/100 N Bakker 98/100 B Freiberg 93/100

B S King 96/100 N Boniface 95/100 R Collins 94/100

C J Robinson 89/100 J Wisheske 88/00 D Crustica 84/100

Friday 25th May 2018

50tgt SSAA Night Sporting.

Fine night. No wind or rain.

79 Shooters

AA T Spencer 46/50 C Paton 45/50 M Venturini 38/50

A T Masters 44/50 G Milburn 43/50 B Doughty 42/50

B R Collins 37/50 D Guerin 35/50 M Horsfall 34/50

C J Lobley 36/50 J Gaertner 35/50 R Pearse 33/50

Ladies K Vincent 20/50 S Chaplin19/50 S Spencer 17/50

Juniors M James 43/50 C Freiberg 40/50 C Masters 31/50

Promoted to to shoot in higher grade at the next shoot.

T Masters ( AA) G Milburn (AA) M James (AA) B Doughty (AA)

Weather fine no wind

Norm Quick Perpetual Handicap

Saturday 19/05/2018

R Collins – 40/40

S King – 39/40

R Lide – 38/40

D Bullock – 53/55

D Ceary – 52/55

T Kupsch – 48/51

50 Target Double Barrel

O/All:T Kupsch – 104/104

AA:A Crawford – 103/104

D Cleary – 102/103

A:T Kupsch – 104/104

M Horsfall – 49/50

B:R Collins – 50/50

P Mac – 48/50

C:S King – 46/50

G Boyd (snr) – 42/50

First night shoot of the year

Friday 27/4/18

87 shooters enjoyed a perfect nights shooting.

No Wind. No rain

50tgt SSAA Night Simulated.

AA C Paton 42/53 M Venturini 42/53 S Spencer 41/53

A B Duague 41/50 J Venturini 39/50 K Lee 38/50

B B Freiberg 41/53 G Vansteenis 40/53 A Zoric 34/50

C M D’Alia 34/50 S King 32/50 R Pearce 30/50

Ladies L McCall 25/50 E Lewis 23/50

Junior M James 39/50 R Lee 36/50 C Freiberg 35/50

Results 2014

Morwell 15 February 2014 SEZ Round 1

Nepean CTC 239 – Mornington CTC 235Nepean CTC 239 – Mornington CTC 235

Results 2013

Nepean 23 August 2013 Night Shoot #5

AA: D Quick, G Boyd, N Bakker

A: C Paton, R Hendrikson, S Schmitter

B: R Lewis, P Mudge, D McKelvie

C: A Ackland, M Cozens, T Kupsch

Nepean SEZ 17 August 2013

Handicap: L Horsfall, A Stewart, A Psaila

D/B: Over All N Rundle

AA: M Dunkley, A Crawford

A: A Bird, N Zeckle

B: L McCluskey, A Weterman

C: A Stewart, A Elliot

Nepean 26 July 2013 Night Shoot #4

AA: D Quick, N McColl, B Doughty

A: C Paton, S Schmitter, J McColl

B: R Lewis, P Mudge, D McKelvie

C: A Ackland, M Cozens, T Kupsch

Nepean 20 July 2013 Peninsula Triangle
Cerberus H/cap

P Mac, P Lancaster, C Rowley, P Noy, S Morley

Nepean H/cap

L Quick, S Howd, C Rowley, A Weyermann, B McCall

Nepean D/B

AA: N Bakker, L Cazaley

A: A Kidd, C Sparey

B: L Quick, L Lancaster

C: B Buzzard, A Weyermann

Nepean 28 June 2013 Night Shoot #3

AA: N McColl, L Hawker, A Opie

A: R Hendrickson, C Paton, T Hammond

B: A Harris, M Hammond, S Motts

C: L Taylor, D McKelvie, B Law

Nepean 15 June 2013 Club
50 Tgt D/B

AA: S Lowery, R Burges

A: T Gregory, J Zechner

B: A Ferrai, J Tunks

C: A Stewart, L Horsfall

50 Tgt Cont

AA: B Woodward, J Keene

A: J Barklem, R Burges

B: A Ferrai, K Goetz

C: L Horsfall, M Sugars

Nepean 24 May 2013 Night Shoot #2

AA: G Boyd, A Crawford, D Quick

A: C Paton, T Hammond, T Masters

B: R Hendrikson, T Harris, A Harris

C: M Hammond, R Coleman, B Gordon

Nepean 18 May 2013 Club
100 Tgt Ball Trap

AA: C Carroll

A: G Spehrt, N Backer, J Mollica

B: N Quick

C: T Gregory, A Kidd, J Stirrup

Nepean 26 April 2013 Night Shoot #1

AA: B Doughty, D Quick, N Baker

A: J Bold, C Paton, T Hammond

B: R Goodwin, S Schmitter, D Hammond

C: T McNeil, D McKelvie, B Ayres

Nepean 21 April 2013 Club
50 Tgt Continental

AA: G Boyd, D Ball

A: G Light, M Rocca

B: L Quick, B Barlow

C: L Horsfall, B Waldron

50 Tgt Ball Trap

AA: N Bakker, K Calder

A: J Mollica, G Boyd

B: D Ball, L Cazaley

C: G Light, M Rocca

Nepean 16 March 2013 Club

AA: B Woodward, C Carroll, R Williams

A: M James, J Heyblom, M Peck

B: D Rosetto, L Quick, K Goetz

C: A Ferrai, L Horsfall, B Waldron

February 2, SEZ Foster Rnd 2

Nepean 19 January 2013 Club

AA: K Calder, D Ball, D Johnston

A: S Pellegrino, D McKenzie, P Lancaster

B: L Qirk, M Peck, C Moroney

C: P Keane, A Ferrai, S Weatherby

Scoreboard Photo

January 12, SEZ Mornington Rnd 1

Results 2012

Nepean 2012 Xmas Shoot
Double Barrel

AA: P Drennan, A Crawford, B Woodward

A: P Lancaster, L Mirrabella, J Heyblom

B: R Bullock, J Stirrup, B Barlow

C: C Paton, C Rowley, A Zoric

Point Score

AA: A Crawford, P Drennan, C Carrol

A: F Ibbot, A Kidd, D Clarke

B: M Peck, K Goetz, B Hunter

C: A Ferrari, C Paton, M McIntosh


AA: G Boyd, P Drennan, C Carrol

A: A Kidd, P Lancaster, G Tunks

B: L Qirk, S Schmitter, B Hunter

C: C Rowley, B Motram, C Paton

Mornington 2012 Xmas Shoot

Nepean 17 November 2012 Club Championship

2012 Club Champion Chris Carroll

AA: C Carroll, A Crawford, G Boyd

A: J Tunks, B McCall, F Ibbot

B: G Tunks, D Rosetto, J Clerke

C: A Zoric, C Rowley, R Luscombe

November 9th, 10th, 11th Victorian State Trap Carnival – Echuca
Vetrans Championship Team
1st. B Woodward, P Noy,
C Carroll

Nepeans day out at Mornington 10 November
75 tgt Jack Ferrero Memorial D/B Championship

AA: A Ford, C Nelson

A: A Kidd, F Ibbot, J Heybloom

B: P Noy, R Cale, M McFarlane

C: M Alaimo, W Neil, K Lide

Check out number 4 B Grade score, Norms back!
Nepean 20 October 2012
Event 1, 50 Tgt D/B

AA: P Drennan, C Carroll
A: L Cazaly, C Moroney
B: L Qirk, B Barlow
C: C Rowley, J Stirrup

Event 2, 25 D/Double

1. A Crawford/C Carroll
2. T & D White
3. B McCall/L Cazaly

Event 3. 20 D/Triple

1. T & D White
2. A Kidd/G Boyd
3. C Carroll/H Crawford

Nepean 28 September 2012 Night Shoot #6 – 67 Shooters – Cold, Wet & Windy

AA: G Boyd, N McColl, B Doughty

A: T Masters, A Kidd, C Paton

B: R Hendrikson, D Hammond, K Perkins

C: R Wright, A Gregory, B Williamson

Ladies: L Hawker, S McColl

Juniors: L McIntosh, M Hammond

Series High Guns

O/A: Gavin Boyd

AA: Brian Doughty

A: Al Kidd

B: K Perkins

C: P Doughty

Ladies: Lisa Hawker

Jnr: L McDonald

Nepean 15 September 2012 N Quick Handicap

D Comelli, G Tunks, C Rowley

Mornington 25 August 2012 Dopey Doubles

1st J Stirrup & J Tunks,S Sawyer & P Drennan, L Cazaly & B Clark

Nepean 24 August 2012 Night Shoot #5 – 57 Shooters – Cold & Windy

AA: B Doughty, D Quick, G Boyd

A: A Kidd, D Mudge, D Hammond

B: K Perkins, B Harris, D Mudge

C: R Hendrikson, B Preston, J Hindle

Ladies: L Hawker, W Zoric

Juniors: L McIntosh, M Hammond

Nepean 18 August 2012 South East Zone Ball Trap Carnival

O/A HG M Crimmins

Event 1 50 tgt B/T Elimination

AA: T Malone, M Crimmins

A: A Crawford, N Bakker

B: L Hawker, S Russell

C: J Williams, S Towers

Event 2 50 tgt B/T Championship

AA: A Brady, M Crimmins

A: A Crawford, C Gray

B: G McDonald, L Hawker

C: J Williams, A Kidd

Nepean 27 July 2012 Night Shoot #4 – 71 Shooters – Cold & Windy

AA: G Boyd, B Doughty, D Quick

A: T Masters, T Hammond, P Doughty

B: O Comelli, B Harris, D Mudge

C: R Hendrikson, J Doe, C Rowley

Ladies: W Zoric, M Leckie

Juniors: J Harris, L McIntosh, M Hammond

Low Low Gun: Peter McMac
Nepean 21 July 2012 100 tgt Medley

AA: K Calder, P Drennan, A Crawford

A: J Mollica, N Bakker

B: S Towells, D Boyack

C: K Goetz, A Esplin

Hcp: G Boyd, R Bullock, S Towells, A Crawford, C Rowley

Nepean 22 June 2012 Night Shoot #3 – 40 Shooters – Cold & Windy

AA: G Boyd, D Quick, B Doughty

A: C Paton, Trevor Hung, P Doughty

B: D Mudge, D Mitchell, R Goodwin

C: P Kosach, D Guerin, R Hendrikson

16 June 2012 Peninsula Triangle Team Shoot

EO: L Hawker, P Drenham

Cerberus Handicap
K Goetz (15M)24, D Comelli (19M)23, A Kidd (19M)23

Nepean Handicap
M Peck (15M)23, N Bakker (19M)23, J Stirrup (15M)23

Double Barrel
AA: B Woodward, A Crawford
A: D Comelli, N Bakkker
B: P McSquirt, B Barlow
C: K Goetz, B McCall

Final Team Scores
Mornington 498
Nepean 494
Cerberus 448

3 June 2012 South East Zone Team Shoot – Frankston

Nepean Hcp:
AA: B Woodward (24M)22, D Cleary (23M)19, G Boyd (21M)19, F Ibbott (21M)17
A: N Bakker (19M)23, A Kidd (19M)21
B: T Gregory (17M)19, L Lancaster (17M)18
C: P Noy (15M)21, K Goetz (15M)21

Nepean D/Barrel:
Team 1: W Woodward 25, G Boyd 25, N Bakker 24, D Cleary 24, F Ibbott 24
Team 2: A Kidd 24, K Goetz 23, L Lancaster 22, T Gregory 22, P Noy 18

B Woodward 47, N Bakker 47, A Kidd 45, G Boyd 44, K Goetz 44, D Cleary 43,
T Gregory 41, F Ibbott 41, L Lancaster 40, P Noy 39

Most importantly Nepean 222 beat Mornington 220

Nepean 25 May 2012 Night Shoot #2 – 32 Shooters – Wet, Gale Force Winds & Cold

AA: N McColl, D Quick, A Crawford

A: G Nemecheck, J McColl, A Kidd

B: D Mudge, K Perkins, P Doughty

C: R Hendricson, R Cochrane, D Wendt

Ladies: L Hawker Juniors: M Hammond, L McIntosh

Nepean 19 May 2012 Memorial Shoot

AA: B Woodward, C Carroll, R Williams

A: C Moroney, P Keely, D Boyack

B: J Heyblom, G Tunks, B Barlow

C: L Quirk, C Rowley, M Peck

28 April 2012 South East Zone Team Shoot – Korumburra

Hcp: G Aston, G Tunks, J Tunks (Nepean)

A: F Ibbot (Nepean) C: K Goetz (Nepean) Junior: J Tunks (Nepean)

Nepean Team 1: B Woodward 46, G Boyd 48, P Lancaster 45, P McQuack 41, J Tunks 48 (228)

Nepean Team 2: F Ibbot 49, G Tunks 49, T Gregory 46, P Noy 45, R Bullock 48 (237)

Nepean Team 3: C Rogers 40, J Stirrup 41, A Zoric 31, L Lancaster 44, K Goetz 48 (204)

Nepean 27 April 2012 Night Shoot #1 – 64 Shooters – Dry, Clear & Mild

AA: G Boyd, D Quick, B Doughty

A: A Kidd, J McColl, C Paton

B: D Hammond, D Mitchell, K Perkins C: P Doughty, D Wendt, R Hendricson

Ladies: L Hawker, K McColl Juniors: C Wendt, L McIntosh

Nepean 21 April 2012

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward, K Calder A: G Boyd, D Comelli, C Moroney

B: P Keely, B Barlow, R Bullock C: K Goetz, A Zoric, B McCall

Nepean 17 March 2012

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward A: D Boyack, F Ibbot B: C Moroney, J Heyblom

C: G Polson, J Stirrup

24 February 2012 Victorian State Skeet Carnival – Frankston

State Skeet Handicap: D O’Sullivan 173/173, M Oxley 170/173, A Kidd (Nepean) 158/160

18 February 2012 SEZ Team Shoot Morwell

O/A High Gun: Gavin Boyd (Nepean)

B Grade High Gun: Geoff Tunks (Nepean)

Nepean Team 1: B Woodward 49/50, G Boyd 49/50, F Ibbot 43/50, G Tunks 47/50, P Lancaster 49/50

Nepean Team 2: P Macquack 46/50, L Quirk 46/50, P Noy 45/50, T Gregory 49/50, J Tunks 44/50

Nepean Team 3: C Rogers 45/50, A Zoric 37/50, J Stirrup 41/50, R Bullock 42/50, L Lancaster 43/50

Nepean 21 January 2012

E/O: R Garth, K Calder, G Tunks

75 Tgt Medley: AA: P Drennan, K Calder, C Carrol A: G Boyd, R Garth, L Mirrabella B:B Barlow, D Boyack, R Lide C: L Qirk, K Goetz, R Bullock

Results 2011

Nepean 17 December 2011 Christmas Shoot

D/B: AA: P Drennan, B Woodward, N Bakker A: G Boyd, U Moloney, L Mirabella B: J Williams, G Tunks, B Barlow C: K Goetz, L Quick, R Bullock
P/S AA: B Woodward, P Drennan, A Crawford A: B McFarlane, G Boyd, B Young C: M Delahae, L Lancaster, K Goetz
Skeet: AA: N Bakker, Stumpe, P Drennan A: L Mirrabella, B McFarlane, J Mollica B: A Kidd, O Comelli, S Sawyer C: C Rowley, A Zoric, R Bullock

2011 South East Zone Skeet Championship November 20 Frankston

2011 Club Champion Gavin Boyd

AA: A Crawford, F Ibbott, N Bakker A: G Boyd, L Cazaly, P Lancaster B: J Hayblom, C: R Bullock, L Quick, K Goetz

Gavin Boyd

2011 South East Zone Final Team Results

Melbourne 1162
Werribee 1151
Morwell 1149
Nepean 1134
Frankston 1127
Wonthaggi 1099
Cerberus 1068
Foster 988
Korumburra 919
Mornington 658

South East Zone Carnival Frankston 22 October 2011

Handicap: J Grivas 58/58, N Zechner 57/58, M Whitelaw 42/43, B/M B Brown 28/29, Junior J Zechner

DB: OA B Dunstan 123/123, AA: F Santoro 122/123, W Hawker 112/113, A: W Preston 53/54, T Plum 52/53, B: C Prince 43/44, K Dunkley 35/36, C: A Kidd (Nepean) 58/58, J Grivas 57/58, Ladies: S Lennane 30/31, Junior: U Maloney 48/49

SB: OA G Ashton 70/70, AA: M Crimmins 68/70, A Brady 43/44, A: L Mirabella 39/40, w Preston 28/29, B: CP Pingham 26/27, K Shae 25/27, C: J Grivas 27/31, M Hopkins 26/31, Ladies: L Hawker 39/40, Junior: J Wallace 27/28

Points: OA W Hawker 240/240, AA: C Henwood 239/240, W Esplin 115/116, A: S McGrath 209/210, J Lennane 174/177, B: N Zechner 72/75, P Lancaster (Nepean) 90/91, C: J Grivas 70/75, J Zechner 69/70, Ladies: I McJames 72/75, Junior: J Lennane 75/75
Carnival High Gun: W Hawker 160/162
Ladies High Gun: I McJames 140/150
Junior High Gun: N Zechner 143/150

Series High Guns
Overall: T Psalia 238/250
Handicap: M Woods 118/125
D/Barrel: W Woodward 125/125
Junior: M Woods 233/250

Nepean 15 October 2011

E/O 10 Tgt F Ibbott, A Crawford

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward A: G Boyd B: B Barlow C: A Kidd, L Quirk

Nepean 23 September 2011 Night Simulated Sporting

AA: B McColl, P Lancaster, D Quick, A: M Venturini, R Jones, G Nemereck, B: A Gregory, L Quick, K Perkins, C: G Tunks, R Wright, D Cleary, Ladies: W Zoric, T Buckland, Juniors: J Tunks, R Hendrickson

Nepean 17 September 2011 100 Tgt B/T

AA: P Mills A: G Boyd, R Williams B: L Hawker, B Barlow C: G Tunks, A Zoric, C Rowley

Nepean 26 August 2011 Night Simulated Sporting

AA: B Doughty, G Boyd, D Quick, A: C Paton, J McColl, N Bakker, B: C Leckie, R Goodwin, R Lewis, C: A Gardiner, D Mitchell, S Toll, Ladies: L Hawker, T Buckland, W Zoric, Juniors: M Hammond, M Wright, J Nemecek,

Encouragement Awards: Danielle & Cameron Dirk

Nepean 20 August 2011

E/O 5 Pair D/R Paul Drennan

20 Pair D/D 18M: P Drennan/S Sawyer, D Cleary, N Bakker

60 Tgt Medley, 30 D/B, 30 P/S: AA: P Drennan, D Cleary, A: N Bakker, G Boyd, B: S Sawyer, G Tunks, C: T Hammond

State Night D/D Title 18M

30 Pair D/D 18M: N Bakker/D Cleary, P Drennan/S Sawyer



P Drennan/S Sawyer            D Cleary/N Bakker

South East Zone
Round 4 Foster ( Shot at Korumburra ) 13 August 2011

Handicap: R Bullock, P Mitchell, R Wallace, B/M T Psalia, Jun/ Front Marker J Hollingworth

DB: OA G.Aston, AA: T Psalia, C Brown, A: T Rowe, M Dunkley, B: E Woods, B Barlow, C: T Gregory, G Tunks (Nepean)
Overall High Gun: M Woods
Ladies High Gun: B McMillan
Junior High Gun: A: J Wallace, B: M Woods, C: M Hollingsworth

Winning Team: Morwell Black, K Calder, B Stokes, C Murphy, K Shaw, D Kendall 291/300

Winning Junior Team: Melbourne, J Wallace, M Woods 116/120

Melbourne 923, Morwell 919, Werr/Vic 911, MCCCTC 906, Nepean 897, Frank/Aust 891 Cerberus 884, Wonthaggi 880, Foster 809, Korumburra 794, Mornington 658

Juniors: Melbourne 369, Mornington 183